Dancing Bean Coffee Shop

The Dancing Bean Coffee House and Bakery

Phone Number:

7142 East Lamar Alex Parkway
Townsend, TN 37882

We are pleased to announce the exciting addition to Apple Valley Mountain Village: a quaint new coffee house and bakery called “The Dancing Bean”. The cafe will be open for breakfast and lunch with counter service, indoor and outdoor deck seating and Free Wifi.

Come and Relax

In addition to the General Store and café, where visitors can still find the same assortment of souvenirs, fudge flavors, and fried pies that they’ve known and loved for a generation, the Dancing Bean Coffee House & Bakery will provide an additional place for shoppers to relax while enjoying a tasty beverage and eating delicious baked goods created by the culinary team at Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro.

Featuring Local Roasts and Brews

The Dancing Bean will feature great locally roasted coffees, espresso, and cappuccino. Additionally, regionally-produced kombucha will be on tap, along with Nitro Coffee. The Coffee House/ Bistro will also feature fresh fruit smoothies, custom sodas, bottled juices, and imported and local bottled beers.

House Made and Fresh

Menu items include house-made muffins, sticky buns, biscuits, flatbread breakfast and lunch creations, wheat bread, and sourdough bread creations. Also, Benne Seed bacon, granola, pimento cheese, fresh compote, and other Dancing Bear staple items will be available in bulk or individual servings. House-made loaf bread will be available for sale each day, but when it runs out, it runs out -- until the next batch is baked fresh daily in the Dancing Bear kitchen.

Dancing Bean Coffee Company will also offer fresh ground coffee by the pound or whole bean coffee by the pound for carry-out.