7138 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Townsend, TN

Wednesday, 28 February 2018 18:33

Apple Valley: Townsend’s Unofficial Visitor Center

So, you’ve planned a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and you are ready for adventure, sightseeing, and fun! As Townsend’s Unofficial Visitor Center, here are a few friendly tips to keep in mind during your visit to the Smokies:

  1. Burgers beat bark. You’ll be famished after exploring the GSMNP, and we DO have Townsend’s Best Burgers so slowly back away from the bark…

    burgers in Townsend

  2. Bathrooms vs. poison ivy. Our bathrooms won’t make you guess which “paper” to use – and as an added bonus, you won’t get a rash either!

    poison ivy

  3. Never confuse BEERS with BEARS. We know, we know… this seems logical enough but there may be a moment when a beer oasis appears, filled with a cold one or two, but it’s actually a few BEARS hanging out in their home. If this happens, return to Apple Valley immediately and we will be happy to pour you a draft beer!

    bear sign

  4. Reconnect with nature. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings offered by Mother Earth as you reconnect with nature – right after another piece of Apple Valley fudge.

    homemade fudge 3

  5. Rocks aren’t candy. Well, unless you’re at Apple Valley, where the rock candy selection is completely edible and won’t break your lovely teeth!

    candy display

  6. Lose yourself in nature. We mean that figuratively, of course. Stop by Apple Valley for information and guide books prior to venturing into the GSMNP so you don’t find yourself asking, “Where the fudge am I?!”

    171011 IllustratedGuide Both

Last, but not least… enjoy yourself! Because there’s nothing better than a fun-filled day of hiking, exploring, or taking in the scenery in the Smoky Mountains (except for maaaaaybe a juicy burger and a cold draft beer at Apple Valley, followed by a World Famous Apple Pie or some of our homemade fudge).

Happy trails to you, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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