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Friday, 23 March 2018 16:25

Hidden “Easter Apples" Hunt

You’re invited to take part in our virtual Hidden “Easter Apples” online hunt, happening daily from Monday, March 26th through Friday, March 30th!

hidden easter apple

To participate, all you need to do is follow us on Facebook or Twitter, where we will provide one clue per day (5 total throughout the week). These clues will help lead you to a specific page on our website where a “hidden apple” will be located. Once you find that day’s clue, click the apple on the page and submit your information in the pop up box – ONLY entries submitted on the date, and after the time the clue is given, are counted so no cheating! ;)

Once all clues are given, the person who found the most “hidden apples”, and submitted an entry for each clue first, wins a $50 gift certificate for Apple Valley Stores & Cafe, just in time for Easter! Even if you aren’t first but you found and submitted all of the clues each day, you will still win a prize because everyone is a winner at Apple Valley!

Good luck to everyone, and happy hunting!

Read the complete Rules & Regulations here.

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