The Bean & The Guild Artisan Workshop Series

The Dancing Bean

We are excited to announce our 4th installment of The Bean & The Guild!

This class will feature Lauren Kline, a professional portrait artist, and you will spend 2 hours learning the art of colored pencil drawing. Lauren’s love for animals and art come together to create wonderful masterpieces. In this class, you will learn to draw a black bear (see example below) on a small square piece of paper (much like the bird in the photos below).

Her pet, people, and wildlife portraits are all made of strictly high quality colored pencils on archival paper. From cats and dogs to birds and bears, her passion doesn't end there.

Lauren also tutors other aspiring artists online. Her colored pencil membership allows you to learn all sorts of drawing skills from colored pencil basics to tricks you would have never thought of using.

For this class, Lauren suggests bringing:

- Set of any colored pencils

Lauren will be providing some extra pencils, erasers, and sharpeners just in case - but please come prepared! Your paper will already be cut and ready to use.