You can’t visit Apple Valley Mountain Village without grabbing a few of our famous Fried Apple Pies – after all, they are what we are known for! Did you know each of our pies is handmade? And with over 50,000 sold each year, we can say we have perfected this art. Keep reading to learn more about how we make our famous Fried Apple Pies!

We make our pie dough ahead of time, so when it’s time to make Fried Apple Pies, we start by thawing the dough for 4 hours on sheet trays.

Once the dough has thawed, we use our pie presses to cut the dough into circles and we egg wash one side of each pie shell.

Apple Pie Dough

The pie shells are now ready to be stuffed! We lay the pie shell wet side down onto the pie press and fill it with a small scoop of our delicious apple pie filling, made with our secret recipe and a lot of love. The pie shell is then folded and hand pressed.

Pie Dough

The pies aren’t ready yet! After they’ve been pressed, the pies will go into our flash freezer over night to prepare to be fried.

The next day, we’re ready to fry! The pies are pulled from the flash freezer and individually dropped into the fryer. We let them fry for 5-8 minutes, or until they’re golden brown.

Pies Flash Freeze

After they’ve been fried, we’re ready for the final step. Each pie is topped off with cinnamon sugar while it is still hot and the pies are now ready to go!

Once the pies make it to the window, it’s up to YOU how to eat them! What’s OUR favorite way to enjoy a Fried Apple Pie? A La Mode, of course – with a happy heaping of country style vanilla bean ice cream!

Apple Valley Pies