Apple Valley Mountain Village has been a fixture in Townsend since 1992, welcoming guests on the west side of town with our iconic big red barn roof. It’s hard to drive into Townsend and not pull into the familiar Apple Valley Mountain Village where visitors will find shopping, dining, and a peaceful place to relax in the Great Smoky Mountains.

This year, we celebrated our 30 year anniversary and unveiled the artist renderings for the NEW Apple Valley Mountain Village – coming to Townsend over the next 16 months!

This remodel will expand our common areas and our Fudge kitchen, while creating more parking for our guests. Don’t worry though, that iconic roof will still be there so you won’t miss us when you come into Townsend!

Check out these artist renderings of the HUGE changes coming to Apple Valley Mountain Village, and let us know what you think!

Apple Valley Rebuild
Apple Valley Concept