At the Dancing Bean Coffee House, we’re making a BIG difference with each little sip of our coffee. How? Keep reading to learn more about our mission to provide you with coffee you can feel good about drinking.

Coffee Beans

The Dancing Bean Coffee House proudly serves Fair Trade Certified green coffee beans roasted fresh on-site in Townsend’s ONLY fully electronic and ventless eco-roaster – the Bellwether. What does this mean? Utilizing Fair Trade Certified green beans ensures equitable support for farmers and their communities while promoting sustainable practices. Roasting these beans on the innovative Bellwether Roaster not only guarantees consistent quality but also minimizes environmental impact, resulting in ethically sourced and expertly roasted coffee that embodies both social responsibility and exceptional flavor.

Dancing Bean Coffee

With the Great Smoky Mountains as our backyard, our impact on the environment is important to our identity. So, how does our Bellwether Roaster compare to a standard gas-powered roaster? Roasting on a gas-powered roaster would produce 2.46lbs of CO2e per pound of coffee roasted. Roasting on our Bellwether, we produce .4lbs of CO2e per pound of coffee roasted, saving 2.056lbs of CO2e per pound roasted. According to Bellwether, “Bellwether’s all‑electric, ventless technology reduces the carbon footprint of a pound of coffee by almost 90%, requires no fossil fuels to operate, and has the lowest emissions impact of any commercial roaster. Even other electric coffee roasters must rely on afterburners or ventilation which increase the energy requirements while continuing to emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.”

What is the overall impact of this? Check out our Monthly Impact Report to see how we are positively affecting the environment with every roast…

July’s Monthly Impact Report (2023)

We roasted 486lbs of coffee and saved an estimated 999lbs of CO2.

This is equivalent to…

1,099 miles of a passenger vehicle kept off the road
41,887lbs of waste recycled instead of landfilled
36 days of electricity turned off in a home

By enjoying our coffee, you’re not only treating your taste buds but also supporting equitable farming practices and reducing carbon emissions – and that’s something we can all feel good about. Join us at the Dancing Bean Coffee House, where every little sip makes a BIG difference.

Dancing Bean Coffee House

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